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Having passed what I considered the worst obstacle, our spirits rose. We 1 towards the left of the cliff, where the going was better, 2 rather steeper. Here we found little snow, 3 most of it seemed to have been 4 off the mountain. There was no 5 of the mountain in the distance because the clouds were forming all around us.

About 1 o’clock a storm 6 suddenly. We had time to have 7 its approach but we were concentrating on cutting steps, and 8 we had time to do anything, we were blinded by snow. We could not move up or down and had to wait 9 , getting colder and colder. 10 my hood(兜帽), my nose and cheeks were frostbitten and I dared not take a hand out of my glove to warm them.

After two hours of this, I realized we would have to do 11 to avoid being frozen to death where we stood. From time to time through the mist I had 12 the outline of a dark buttress(扶壁)just above us, to descend in the wind was 13 question; our only hope was to scramble up to this buttress, and dig out a platform at the foot of it on which we could 14 our tent.

We climbed to this place and started to 15 the ice. At first my companion seemed to regard the 16 as hopeless but gradually the wind 17 and he cheered up. 18 we had made a platform big enough to put up the tent, and we did this as 19 we could. We 20 into our sleeping bags and fell asleep, felling that we were lucky to be still alive.

1. A. setB. gotC. madeD. took

2. A evenB. thoughC. soD. if

3. A. when B. whereC. asD. so that

4. A. fallenB. flownC. splitD. blown

5. A. viewB. visionC. lookD. glimpse

6. A. came upB. came outC. came overD. came on

7. A. viewedB. noticedC. notifiedD. glanced

8. A. afterB. beforeC. unlessD. until

9. A. motionlesslyB. constantlyC. steadilyD. continually

10. A. In spite ofB. In relation toC. In case ofD. In the event of

11. A. anythingB. nothingC. somethingD. everything

12. A. laid outB. made outC. drawn outD. marked out

13. A. withoutB. inC. beyondD. out of date

14. A. wrenchB. wedgeC. padD. pinch

15. A. cut downB. cut away C. cut outD. cut off

16. A. positionB. situationC. occupationD. orientation

17. A. died outB. died offC. died backD. died down

18. A. Instead ofB. FurthermoreC. IndeedD. At last

19. A. wellB. goodC. bestD. better

20. A. climbedB. crashedC. creptD. crawled


1. 【答案】C. made

【解析】本题测试惯用搭配. make towards(=make for, go forwards, move in the direction of …) 朝….走去。

2. 【答案】B. though

【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配.though 表示让步意义,引导让步状语从句。因为从句主语和主句主语相同,从句谓语又包含be,所以从句中的主语和助动词可以省略。例如:1) The girl, though plain, had a good kind face. 2) I went on talking , though continually interrupted by John.

3. 【答案】C. as

【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配.从上下文意思看,本句中从句与主句的联系是因果关系,故选 as,表示原因,其他词均不切题。

4. 【答案】D. blown

【解析】本题测试词义搭配.fallen 和flown均为不及物动词,不能用于被动语态。blow vt.吹,正合题意。


5. 【答案】A. view

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. 此处view 意为“看见的东西,景色”,例如:Your house has a fine view of the hills. (从你的房子能看到这些小山的美丽景色。)本句译文:看不到远处的山,因为我们四周的云层正在形成。

6. 【答案】A. came up

【解析】本题测试词义型惯用搭配.come up (=happen)发生,形成:A snowstorm is coming up. (一场暴风雪正在酝酿之中。)本句中有suddenly, 故用came up 比came on 更妥。

7. 【答案】B. noticed

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. notify vt.(=inform sb. of sth. ; report sth. to sb.) 通知,报告。glance(at) (=take a quick look at) 看一眼(强调行为的过程)。因此,notify和glance均不符合题意。notice vt. ( =become aware of; observe)注意到;留心;看到(强调行为的结果);view vt.(=look at or watch carefully)仔细察看,注视(强调行为的过程)。可见,此句中应选,noticed.

8. 【答案】B. before



9. 【答案】A. motionlessly


10. 【答案】A. In spite of

【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配. in spite of 尽管:In spite of the heavy rain, she went to the shop. in relation to 关于,至于。in case of 万一。in the event of 万一发生。

11. 【答案】C. something

【解析】本题测试词义型逻辑搭配.“do something +动词不定式”常译为“采取措施以便能做….”。在否定句中可以用 not ….anything 或nothing.例如:I can do nothing to get rid of the embarrassing situation. (我实在无能为力摆脱困境)。



12. 【答案】B. made out

【解析】本题测试惯用搭配.make out(=see and identify with effort or difficulty)辨认出。

13. 【答案】D. out of the

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. out of the question(=impossible) 不可能的。without question 毫无疑问,beyond question 毋庸置疑;in question 有疑问(做表语)所谈到的(做后置定语)。

14. 【答案】D. pinch

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. wrench vt. 拧,扭;扳紧;歪曲(事实);wedge oneself into a crowd 挤在人群中;pad vt. 填塞:pad sth. with cotton 填棉花。pinch vt. 搭,捏。pinch(=put up) a tent 搭帐篷。

15. 【答案】B. cut away

【解析】本题测试惯用搭配。cut away 砍掉;cut off 打断,中断;cut down 消减;cut out 删掉

16. 【答案】B. situation

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. position(具体的)工作,职位;situation 工作,形势,状况;occupation 职业,工作;orientation 方向,方位;熟悉,适应。根据题意应选 B. situation.

17. 【答案】D. died down

【解析】本题测试惯用搭配. die out vt. 消失,灭绝;die off vi. 相继死去;die back vi.(植物)枯死;die down vi. (=disappear or subside gradually) 逐渐消失;止息:1) The wind often dies down at sunset.(风往往在日落时停息。) 风的“停息”一般用die down 或die away,而火的“平息”常用die down 或die out.参阅 A Dictionary of English Phrasal Verbs(上海译文出版社)。

18. 【答案】D. At last

【解析】本题测试逻辑搭配.at last 终于,最终;符合上下文的逻辑关系。

19. 【答案】C. best

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. as best one can/could 尽量好的:1) Do it as best you. 2) We comforted her as best as we could. 3) I’ll answer his two questions as best I can.

20. 【答案】D. crawled

【解析】本题测试词义搭配. crawled (=move slowly, pulling the body along the ground) 匍匐而行。climb (=go up or over[sth.], esp. using one’s hands and feet) 攀爬,攀登:climb a wall, a mountain, a tree, a rope, the stairs, a hill. 本题是“爬进睡袋”,故不能用climb. crash(=fall or strike suddenly, violently, noisily) 猛跌,猛撞:The bus crashed into a tree(公共汽车撞在树上撞坏了)crash也可以作“冲入,闯入”解:Five people were killed in the aircraft crash. (5人在这次飞机失事中丧生。) 可见,crash不能入选。leap vi.(向前)跃;creep vi. 慢慢的,悄悄地或偷偷地移动(尤其指弯着腰走)。综上所述,只有D. crawled 符合题意。

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